Sunday, February 6, 2011

Texas Hold'em Poker - Part II

...From Texas Hold'em Poker

9.  There is another round of betting. Players are betting on the total of the two cards they have face down in front of them, and the three cards face up in front of the dealer. Example:
10. Three cards in front of the dealer: A - J - 3
     Two cards each player has:
    • Player 1 A - 4
    • Player 2 J - 3
    • Player 3 4 - 10
  • So Player 1 has: A - A - 4 - J - 3
  • Player 2 has: J - J - A - 3 - 3
  • Player 3 has: 4 -10 - A - J - 3
    As you can see, each player is using their own two cards, and the three cards in front of the dealer, to build their hands.
11. After the round of betting, the dealer discards the card on the top of the deck, to prevent cheating, and then lays 1 more card face up next to the three already in front of him. This is called the turn or 4th street
12. Just like before, players are using their own 2 cards, plus the cards in front of the dealer to build their hands. BUT, you can only build hands with 5 cards, and you must use the two in your hand. There are now 6 cards altogether; the two in front of the player, and the 4 in front of the dealer. You can only pick 5 to build your hand.
13. There is a round of betting.
14. Now the dealer discards the top card, and lays 1 more card face up in front of him. This is the last card the dealer will put out. This is known as the river or 5th street. These 5 cards are referred to as The Board.
15. Players build their hands, in their heads, using only 5 of the cards in their hand and on the table, and there is another round of betting.
16. It is now time for all remaining players to show their hands by turning over their two cards. Players take turns turning their cards over counter clockwise, starting with the player that made the last bet. Since there are 7 cards to each player, but each player can only use 5 of them, each player needs to announce what their hand is.
17. The player with the highest hand wins the pot, which is the chips that were bet during each round of the game.

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