Friday, February 4, 2011

Starting Hand Value

As every player gets the chance to form the best hand with the help of the five community cards, the defining factor in the game is what pocket cards a player has in his hand. If a player gets a great combination in the pocket hands like two Aces, then his chances of success are much higher than a player who has a 7-2 combination. The best way to go about is to go ahead with the game if you hit upon great pocket cards or to simple fold if you get two of the worst cards out of the deck. However, cards of lesser value can also come in handy if the community cards are favorable.
Top 10 starting hands:
  • 1. Pocket Aces (AA)
  • 2. Pocket Kings (KK)
  • 3. Pocket Queens (QQ)
  • 4. Ace-King suited (AKs)
  • 5. Pocket Jacks
  • 6. Ace Queen suited (AQs)
  • 7. King-Queen suited (KQs)
  • 8. Ace-King (AK)
  • 9. Ace-Jack suited (AJs)
  • 10. Pocket Tens (1010)

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